Hello Spring: The Annex, Downtown Toronto

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Torontonians seem happy that spring has finally blessed us with its presence. People were out and about today, streets were buzzing, the sun was shining and everything just seemed so colourful.

Perfect time to test and play around with my new camera, an Olympus EM-10.


After a long and confusing period of constant weather change in Toronto, it seems that gloomy mode has now come to an end.

The following photos are taken in the downtown Toronto area, specifically the Annex, located around Bloor & Spadina.

36 comments on “Hello Spring: The Annex, Downtown Toronto
  1. Beautiful shots!
    Amazing photographs… makes me wish to visit Toronto ….. the shot of the books layed on table is so well composed . Very beautiful !

  2. Wow these are great pics. I like the helicopter shot and the books on tables on the side of the street.

  3. Ugh, I live just outside of Toronto and I can’t wait to spend some time in the city tomorrow and for the rest of the summer! So many things to do and such beautiful things to see every time I go!! 🙂 Great photos btw! Keep going!

    • It’s nice that you are close enough to the city to enjoy stopping by here, especially now that the weather is just gorgeous. So much to do indeed! 🙂

  4. It was a gorgeous weekend. And I think it was even sunnier today! I love Toronto when the sun is out (and your eyeballs are not cold lol) Lovely photos

  5. It’s always exciting to experiment with new camera, and explore its features and benefit. Your photos captured the sense of Spring in Toronto, and they look amazing!

  6. I lived in the Annex for 3 years and miss it so much, even though I just moved down the street to Yonge and Bloor. There’s just such a different vibe, and so many amazing restaurants. Love visiting on a summer day and spending a few hours just exploring or running errands.

  7. Your Olympus really did a great job of capturing the vibrancy of the area. I would love to get a nice point and shoot for throwing in my purse.

    Spring in Toronto is about a month behind where I live in Canada. I don’t think I could live there with the harsh winters.

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