Singapore Tour Guide for First Time Visitors

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Singapore is a destination that conquers the heart of every traveller across all age groups. This island country welcomes all family oriented vacationers, honeymooners, and groups of friends with equal warmth. If you are planning your first trip to this amazing country, here’s a comprehensive Singapore tour guide that will give you an overall idea and help you plan.


When they say that accommodation in Singapore isn’t cheap, they’re not entirely wrong but that doesn’t mean a regular budget traveller cannot afford it. A little bit of research and Singapore accommodation can be surprisingly affordable. In fact, now with the ease of online booking, you can find most of the hotels in your budget, free Wi-Fi, decent rooms with basic amenities and if lucky, complimentary breakfast. But then again, be ready to pay a little higher on accommodation than many other countries. Here you can enjoy a stay with all basic amenities starting at $30. The more the comfort, the higher the amount.

If you visit the Kitchener area and near the Chinatown market, you can find many accommodations at a reasonable cost. Similarly, if you’re looking for high end stays, move towards resort world Sentosa or the Orchard Blvd. area.


The food scene of Singapore is sensational. The varied ethnicities of Malays, Indians, Muslims and Chinese make the cuisine of Singapore truly diverse. The best part about Singapore is that it satisfies the hunger of everyone, irrespective of the pocket size. In fact, the street food of Singapore is especially popular amongst the foodies.

Some of the most amazing tastes of the island are Char Kway Teow, fish head curry, Laksa, Satay, Bak Kut The, and Hokkien Mee. While you can eat at the world renowned fine dining places of the city, the street food of Singapore is surely something that you should not miss, as that’s where the real flavour of the city lies. While you can eat a stomach full of Chinese or Indian meals starting at $5, you can also go for the higher price ranges. The sky is the limit!


Buses and taxis rule the streets of Singapore. If you’re comfortable with buses, there’s nothing better than the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to go around. These buses cover the length and width of Singapore and run very frequently. It is by far the easiest and cheapest way of transport to move around. You can also avail a tourist pass for a day and travel anywhere you want. Taxis are a bit costlier than the buses, but a perfect option if you need to reach your destination faster.

Best known attractions:

 Marina Bay Sands


The opulent resort complex of Marina Bay Sands is one of a kind and the main attraction of Singapore sightseeing. It accentuates the already glittering skyline of the city.

 Gardens by the Bay


This beautifully designed green space is everything you can dream of for a futuristic garden. Don’t miss the world renowned Super tree groove clusters.

 Chinatown is a perfect reminiscence of the Chinese culture, the Chinatown is all about red lanterns, delectable Chinese food, and memorable shopping.


 Little India and Arab street is a perfect place to experience the culture, traditions, produce, and diversity of India in Singapore. The same goes for Arab street. 

 Raffles Hotel is one last grand colonial buildings of the 19th century and it has served as the landmark building of Singapore for over a century.

 Singapore Zoo is known as the world’s best rainforest zoo; it is an attractive habitation place for orangutans, zebras, meerkats, a komodo dragon, mole rats, white tigers, kangaroos, and more.

singapore zoo

 Sentosa Island is probably the best feature achieved by Singapore in the latest years to boost its tourism. It is the development of Sentosa island. It has the world’s best hotels, theme parks, restaurants and a lot more.

Best time to visit:

Thanks to the tropical rainforest climate of the country, Singapore is thronged by visitors almost all year round. However, tourists who plan to visit Singapore, usually go around the festive time between February to April. This is the time of the Singapore Food Festival and the Great Singapore Sale. Who would want to miss that?

Flight information:

The main airport of Singapore is the Changi airport. It is also considered to be one of the best in the world. This airport is so interesting that many passengers, while boarding a connecting flight, prefer spending time inside it than wandering around the city. From the best shopping arenas, to the family entertainment centres and natural gardens, the Changi airport has everything to keep its passengers busy and entertained. The major airlines prevalent are the Singapore airlines, Tiger air, Jet Star Asia, Silk Air and Scoot. The country is well connected to all the major cities in the world and while booking online, you can find many great deals.

Do’s and Don’ts:

 Chewing gum is banned. Possession of chewing gum can result in a jail term.

 Littering is intolerable in Singapore. Do not litter anywhere.

 Public smoking is banned. You are not allowed to smoke in public enclosed areas such as supermarkets, restaurants etc.

 Unlike other places, tipping is frowned upon in Singapore. Leaving tips is not a custom here.

 While travelling in MRT buses, don’t even think of eating food. Bringing food is banned in MRT buses.

 Do not eat or offer anything with your left hand. It is considered bad in Muslim religion.

 Ensure you address acquaintances using Mr. or Miss. Using the first name unless very close is frowned upon.

 Do not completely rely on credit cards, keep some cash handy along with some change for using the public toilets.



Guest Post & Photography by Neha



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  1. great information… Singapore is a small country with divercity and you will meet almost all world race there… but you can visit all interesting place in 2-3 days…

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