Explore Greece: Capturing Beauty in Photographs

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Today’s guest post is captured in images rather than words, focusing on Greece and its undeniable beauty. If you were still thinking about whether or not to add it to your travel bucket list, we are sure these photos will remove all doubt. Enjoy!

Photography by Kristijan Miok

The pictures are taken in Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki region, Thessaloniki – the second-largest city in Greece and on a boat tour around Mount Athos.

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31 comments on “Explore Greece: Capturing Beauty in Photographs
  1. Oh my goodness! My husband and I love to travel and Greece has been added to our list of places to go. That bird in the fourth picture looks pink. So pretty!

  2. These photos are simply beautiful and amazing. Thank you. At least even in these, I get to see the world.

  3. I love Greece! One of my favorite countries. I loved the food, the people, and the scenery. Spent a lot of time traveling the islands as well as Meteora and Athens.

  4. Greece is my dream destination for my honeymoon vacation, and I literally held my breath browsing all the photos. It’s nice to read about another location in Greece other than the often-talked-about Santorini, though I’m sure the latter is amazing of course.

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