Balmy Beach: Nature Walk Through Toronto’s “Beaches” Area

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As soon as the weather permitted and the gorgeous sunshine came out to play in Toronto, the first thought was going to a beach and soaking up all that Vitamin D. We thought we would explore Balmy Beach and see what it has to offer.

beaches toronto

For those of you who are not familiar with “The Beaches” area in Toronto, it is a neighborhood located east of downtown. The large strip is composed of four beaches: Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarboro Beach and Balmy Beach.

beaches toronto

It is not a typical beach area, as you don’t notice many people actually going in the water for a swim. However, people can bring blankets and have a picnic, play in the sand, go tanning, play volleyball or go for a stroll on the dock. Lots of pet owners bring their dogs for a walk here. It is also a hot spot for cyclists and joggers.


balmy beach club

beaches toronto

Balmy Beach is the area of the strip located on the east side. The Balmy Beach Club is a non-profit organization for amateur athletes that was established in the early 1900s. It organizes various athletic events.

balmy beach

The Balmy Beach Park provides for a number of ourdoors activities such as bike trails, bowling greens, an off-leash area for dogs, a gymnasium, a playground, and various outdoor fitness equipment.

off leash dog park toronto

The off-leash dog area is an amazing spot for pet lovers, where dogs can enjoy some free play and socialize. Here are some of the superstars we have caught on camera enjoying a beautiful sunny day:

off leash dog park toronto off leash dog park toronto off leash dog park toronto

A nature walk on the dock, or even a picnic is the perfect way spend a day in Toronto especially when the weather is nice.

We noticed some interestingly shaped trees and an adorable sign that read “I love you beautiful” on our nature walk. Here some of the photographs we have captured while visiting Balmy Beach in the spring:

beaches toronto

beaches toronto beaches toronto
beaches toronto

beaches toronto

beaches toronto

beaches toronto

When you walk through the surrounding area, you will notice the beautiful houses and probably stare at them in awe for a while. There is a delightful mix of several architectural styles (old and new) when it comes to the houses.

houses the beaches area

houses the beaches area

houses the beaches area

houses the beaches area

houses the beaches area

If you haven’t checked out this area of Toronto yet, make sure to do so on your next visit! You won’t regret it.


35 comments on “Balmy Beach: Nature Walk Through Toronto’s “Beaches” Area
  1. I visited Toronto last year in a stop over and really liked it. I had no idea that it actually had beaches. They look great, I bet it’s awesome to sunbathe there in summer. Shame that swimming is not allowed.

  2. I have never been, but I would love too. I’m in the very beginning of getting my passport, and the first place I want to visit is Canada! What a great destination.

  3. This looks like such a fun day at the beach! The boardwalk is such a nice feature! And I love the colorful wall mural! I have been wanting to take a trip to Toronto for such a long time! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  4. I have never been to Toronto but my friends can’t stop gushing to me how brilliant it is. They said that the energy is nothing like we have here in the UK.

  5. From what i understand, the summer hasn’t started there i suppose? Else there would be people flushing in from all directions i guess. It can’t be this empty surely.

  6. Hey the beach looks so nice and clean. I mean seriously. We have one nearby but it is dirty. Now there is something about those trees too… without the leaves, they look so… epic.

  7. We have not made it to Toronto yet. Your pictures are amazing specially those of the houses and this looks like an great place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Toronto looks very beautiful. I would love to take a walk at that beach or explore this neighbourhood with all those beautiful houses! The compination of all those different styles, makes this area very beautiful and unique. Your photos are amazing! You captured all the sunshine!

  9. Is it me or does Toronto look a bit orange, anyway great post, I’ve only been to Vancouver so hopefully I’ll be able to check out Toronto eventually.

  10. Seems so peaceful. I’ve never been to Toronto but it looks like such a great place! What a beautiful destination!

  11. Sounds and looks beautiful. When I was a kid I always wanted to visit Toronto because one of my favourite TV characters was from there 😂

  12. I visited Toronto two years agp and totally enjoyed my trip. I went to the Wasaga beach and it was fun. Would love to visit more beaches next time.

  13. I have never visited Canada, although I would like to some day. That area really does look nice. The white sandy beach really does look inviting!

  14. A beach view is always relaxing, specially on sunset or sunrise. And yes’ I’ve noticed there’s not much who are taking a dip, is it prohibited or it’s cold?

    In our part of the world, beaches is associated w/ swimming, specially on summer. One cannot stay long just staring at the waters.. the least one can do is get their feet wet, haha!

  15. Never set foot in Toronto but I have seen it from the New York Side of Niagara Falls! I assumed that it never had beaches since it’s really cold there. I was wrong!

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