5 Offbeat Travel Destinations in India

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Travelling in India is always connected to exploring places which are already famous for their religious significance or for the scenic beauty they avail. But, being a culturally and demographically dense country, India also has abundant towns and destinations to discover if you are traveler that loves exploring the unknown places.

Mostly during summers and winter holidays, thousands of travellers both Indians and foreigners flock to hill stations like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, scenically picturesque North East, or historically gorgeous places like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh.

There are various towns and cities all around India which are only known to a few and can give you more interesting travel experiences than those destinations which have become quite common these days. So, here we have brought you a list of these amazing offbeat Indian destinations which you can add to your holiday travels especially if you want to discover the undiscovered India.

1. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh – A Slice of North-East’s Splendor and Charm

indiaPhoto by Dhrubazaanphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0

Majorly famous as the place of birth of the Dalai Lama, Tawang is still unknown to many travelers that visit Arunachal Pradesh for its scenic beauty. This place is surrounded with lots of monasteries to give a serene and tranquil travel. Tawang Monastery is the most popular monastery here and the landscape all around this town is the thing that you should go for while adding it to your list. With peaceful aura of monasteries, monks everywhere and gorgeous scenery, all this will make you go all wow over this wonderful North-East destination.

2. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh – Quaintly Exotic

indiaPhoto by Srinivasan G, CC BY-SA 2.0

Khajjiar is situated in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and is an extremely beautiful amalgamation of all three ecosystems with lakes, meadows and trees coming together to produce a striking combination. You can spend a two or three-day weekend getaway here or explore this place for over a week as the town is always in a warm and welcoming mood for travelers ready with its charming backdrop. With lots of deodar trees, greenish pastures and an amazing view, this town is also a must-visit place for offbeat India lovers as Khajjiar will give you more contentment than the crowded North hill stations which everyone visit.

3. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh – A Heaven for History Lovers

indiaPhoto by Christopher Kray, CC BY 2.0

Located amidst the Heart of Incredible India, Khajuraho is mainly a village with its famous temple of Khajuraho, a blend of erotic love and magnificent architectural skills. Built around 11th century, this temple was constructed by Chandela Dynasty and by implementing the Nagara Architecture. This produced an amazing masterpiece and must be explored especially for Indian history lovers. Not much of a crowded village, Khajuraho is the favorite for travelers in quest of India’s rich ancient past and thus if you also want to know more about ancient Indian architecture then this place is the one you are searching for.

4. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh – An Aura of Aroma

indiaPhoto by Raj, CC BY 2.0

Well-known for its coffee plantations, Araku Valley is located in Vishakhapatnam and is covered all around with eye-catching greenery and aromatic atmosphere of Coffee. It is also situated amongst wondrous valleys and is quite unexplored to travelers which make it a superb hill station for inquisitive tourists. The Tribal museum in Araku Valley is also a check-out place for those who love tribal arts and if you are interested in unraveling the coffee plantations, you can also visit some of the great coffee farms and experience the natural process of coffee.

5. Varkala, Kerala – Southern India’s Goa

indiaPhoto by Joshua Singh, CC BY 2.0

Varkala presents a wacky Goa of South with its picturesque beaches, shrines and clean blend of both waters and valleys. The lighthouses are situated all around this place with many flawless beaches like Papanasam, Varkal and Kappil Lake which will remind you of Goa. Varkala is also away from the teeming temples and environment of Kerala and if you want to have a day or two away from the tourist crowds then Varkala is a perfect choice.

Hence, the above-listed sites are all full of the loveliness and splendor of India’s crowded hills stations and travel places but what makes these sites special is the peaceful escape these havens allow the explorers to be away from the most common travel sites of India. These places are as alluring in them and will give you a chance to discover the unspoiled and pristine India and still finding the same brilliance for which India is celebrated for.

About the author:

Rohit, a tenacious adventurer has a love for unraveling the unexplored and passing his touring know-hows at TransIndiaTravels.com for those who share the same love for travelling.

15 comments on “5 Offbeat Travel Destinations in India
  1. Amazing! Being in India, I have to set aside my time to visit such picturesque and magnificent locations soon. Will definitely add them to my “travel” list. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  2. My goal when traveling is to only go to off the beaten path places. I can see landmarks in photos. This will be put in my travel folder. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love that you chose smaller places that aren’t ravaged by tourism – places like that give people who visit the country a chance to really see it as it is, and experience it in a much more authentic way.

  4. I felt I just explored the world with you. Such a tease. This a goal that one day me and family will travel

  5. Weird, some co-workers were talking about traveling in India just yesterday and how much they loved it and it is one of the countries they would go back to visit in a heartbeat. While I have never been your photos and blog post show me why. How beautiful and such a wondrous experience!

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